…from the other hand, VoIP revolution in Europe is underway.

   A new TeleGeography report shows rapid uptake of VoIP in Western Europe, with revenues projected to top $5.7 billion in 2008, up from $4.2 billion in 2007. While market penetration in individual countries varies greatly, overall customers continue to flock to VoIP services. 25.3 million consumer VoIP lines were in service by the end of 2007, almost 10 million more than were in service just a year before, which equates to roughly 17 percent household adoption across Western Europe.

France leads the way in adoption of VoIP, as TeleGeography estimates that 42 percent of the population has a VoIP line, whereas Spain’s VoIP uptake is only 2 percent.

All adoption statistics are based on fixed-line replacement VoIP installation, excluding VoIP soft clients like Skype.

Expect continued strong growth in VoIP revenue in Europe, as there are several large markets with low penetration currently, namely Austria and Spain. 

Bottom line, VoIP services will have a dramatic impact on revenues from switched services, both by siphoning subscribers off of the switched network, and by forcing deep reductions in fixed-line voice prices.

Telegeography: European VoIP — the revolution is underway.

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