Google Joins New Global Broadband Sat Net.

 Google has joined forces with John Malone, the cable television magnate, and international banker HSBC to set up O3b Networks, by launching at least 16 low earth orbit satellites. The company aims to bring internet access to 3 billion people in Africa and other emerging markets.

O3b Networks is named after the “other 3bn” people who lack access to fiber networks. O3b Networks will provide fiber-like backhaul directly to 3G Cellular and WiMAX towers. 
O3b’s service should provide speeds of up to 10G bps for Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Asia, sending low-latency data anywhere between a 45 degrees north to 45 degrees south. The lifespan of the MEO satellites is expected to be 10 years to 15 years.

The system will become operational late in 2010, according to a statement today from O3b Networks Ltd., the Jersey, U.K.- based venture backed by the three companies. Thales SA, Europe’s largest defense electronics maker, said it has started construction of 16 satellites for the network. 

Source: 03b Networks.

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