Georgia city contracts with Clearwire.

The Milledgeville, Ga., city council has voted to contract with Clearwire for a muni-WiMAX network as an outgrowth of Clearwire’s efforts to build WiMAX in nearby Atlanta. In 2006, Milledgeville received an $862,000 grant from the Georgia Technology Authority through the Wireless Communities Georgia program to turn the city into one of several model communities to show the benefits of using wireless access to improve economic development, educational access and governmental services.

The service will be a subscription-based model with many varying pricing plans for the city’s constituents. Users will also be able to access the service in any Clearwire market outside of Milledgeville. In 2006, Clearwire contracted with Grand Rapids, Mich., for a similar muni-WiMAX network. While we haven’t seen the muni-WiMAX trend take off, Clearwire could certainly use some anchor tenants such as cities like these to offer a solid revenue stream early on.

The Union Recorder: Wireless city steps closer.

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