Consultants helping SMBs with VoIP.

 A new study finds small businesses are bringing in outside help to figure out VoIP buying decisions.

In research conducted by The Brookside Group, companies found that buying a phone system had become a much more complex task. SMBs expect more out of the systems they choose, so they’re increasingly reaching out to consultants to help them make the right choices.

Likewise, consultants are depending more on revenues from VoIP, with more SMBs coming to them to help in phone system decisions. Companies are trying to decide between IP PBXes and hosted solutions, plus expressing more of an interest in unified communications and being able to bring in a broadband network capable of supporting IP telephony.

Companies believe using a consultant will help them save money on a phone system/service purchase and potentially help them out with a specific new technology or service. A consultant can conduct a needs assessment, evaluate and choose vendors, and even go so far as to write RFPs and assist in contract negoiations.

Consultants are also moving into deploying and managing phone networks on an outsourced basis, due to their involvement with network design and configuration.

Top verticals seeking help include (in order) health care, banking and finance, local and state government, and education. Lawyers and accountants also rely on consultants for phone system help.

VoIP-News: How Consultants Help SMBs Choose VoIP Systems.

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