All New Close Proximity Wireless Technology by Sony and others.

Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, Toshiba JVC, Kodak, Hitachi and “others” have today announced that they’re forming the Transferjet consortium to develop an “interoperable wireless transfer technology.” Sounding like a challenge to Bluetooth, Transferjet will apparently operate at a theoretical 560 Mbps rate. Plus it could allow pairing as simply as touching two devices together: your camera could display pics on TV simply by sitting it atop the screen. Sounds like a great consumer solution, but since the consortium has yet to define specs, it’ll be a while until the project bears fruit. With big players like this aboard though, other wireless data systems must be feeling the pressure.

TransferJet Press Release: Consortium Established to Develop and Promote Close Proximity Wireless Technology “TransferJet”.

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