WiMax monolith!


The “RoboMax” asking for the okay to merge Sprint’s and Clearwire’s spectrum assets into the WiMax monolith New Clearwire. Robomax says “New Clearwire will permit consumers to use any lawful device that they want so long as it is compatible” and you can “download and use any software applications, content, or services” as long they’re not illegal or mucking up the network. And they’re promising to cover 140 million people in the US in 30 months with claims of sustained speeds of 6Mbps downlink, 3Mbps up. 

It seems to be the “third pipe” many hoped that the 700MHz auction would deliver (before Verizon snapped up the open access C block)—that is a third, totally open broadband alternative to cable and DSL that would provide some competition and shake up the established players.

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