VoIP is the Future. Mobile VoIP, mobile SIP, you name it. First commercial implementation in Japan.

Japan Communications All mobile breakthroughs are coming from east.  Japan Communication (JCI) is likely to be the first operator in Japan to offer mobile handsets that can make calls on-the-go using voice-over-Internet protocol technology.

Just as simple as this, with VoIP, voice becomes another application of the network. Everything is formating as data. VoIP has narrowed the gap by routing home or office phone calls through the same physical lines that e-mails use. Doing that over the airwaves has proved much harder, yet that’s exactly what JCI’s service aims to let businesses do. Eventually it plans to assign every user one 11-digit VoIP number that will work over both phone and computer networks. “If you leave a message to my cell phone or landline phone, it’s sent as a text or a voice file to one place,” says JCI’s CFO Naohisa Fukuda. “That’s so powerful. But it requires complete telephony and computer integration.”

Still, the company faces plenty of technical challenges. JCI must guarantee that voice data travels smoothly over the airwaves and between the cellular network and a Net connection such as a fiber optic or cable line. That’s not a simple matter, experts say. Some skeptics say dropped calls and interrupted connections could quickly alienate users. Ultimately, wireless operators will want to let users switch between cellular, WiFi, and WiMAX technologies on the fly.

The battle of mobile VoIP services comes as tech brands flood into the cell-phone market. VoIP is ready. We are ready!

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