RIM, Palm are shaking up smartphone market as we are expecting the new iPhone next week.

Surprise! Palm goes and regains some lost ground in the smartphone market.

Palm has apparently seen its smartphone market-share rise to 13.4%, up from 7.9% in Q4 2007. The popular Palm Centro is credited for helping boost the ailing smartphone manufacturer’s market-share.

RIM, makers of the popular push-emailing BlackBerry lineup of smartphones, has also seen a rise in smartphone market-share. RIM saw their BlackBerry smartphones take 44.5% of the smartphone market, up from 35.1% in Q4 2007.

But, there’s always two sides to every story. While RIM and Palm saw their market-share increase, Apple saw its market-share slide. The iPhone took a healthy US smartphone market-share of 26.7% in the fourth quarter last year. But, it seems that RIM and Palm’s success has eaten in to the iPhone’s niche. The iPhone accounted for just 19.2% of smartphones sales in the first quarter of 2008, compared to  26.7% of sales in Q4 2007.

CNN Money: RIM, Palm grab iPhone market share.

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