More VoIP figures for 2008.

 There were estimated 69.2 million VoIP subscribers worldwide as of 1Q08. USA had the most subscribers (18.1m) followed by Japan (16.8m). France was at number three with 11.5m subscribers. Chart below gives VoIP subscriber numbers in top 10 countries.

Nortel leads in terms of live VoIP subscribers served over a vendor platform. An estimated 10.8 million VoIP users are being hosted by Nortel platform. These are no doubt the North American cable customers. Outside North America, Nortel VoIP service provider customers include Neuf, UPC, etc. No vendor however beats the homegrown and open source VoIP platforms that now serve an estimated 12.3 million VoIP customers worldwide.

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4 Comments on “More VoIP figures for 2008.”

  1. phonetool Says:

    Interesting numbers but how is a subscriber defined? Does it include individuals with free Skype … accounts. If it does, they’re not impressive. The turning point for VoIP will be when SMB’s cancel their accounts with PSTN carriers and rely exclusively on VoIP phone systems. Sadly I think that could take a decade or more.

  2. packetdata Says:

    No, Free phone services, like Skype, not included.

    Even more. IP trunking era, is far away!

  3. icallonnet Says:

    The voip platforms are more flexible you can assighn a range of of DID’s and make autmatic CIC’s and this can be condidered as trucnking and you can get better results other than the TDM .

  4. according to packet8 they only make $5 per subscriber per month. b2b is really the only way for adt.

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