Prices of DSL goes, rather up.

DSL Speeds and prices around the world went up 4.7% and 9.3% during the first quarter of 2008. The average price for a residential DSL connection at the end of Q1 2008 was $61.36 a month, while the speed was 6.52 Mbps. The Business DSL connections cost $227 a month for a speed of 4.13 Mbps.

The big change came as a result of big boosts provides by Latin American carriers, who boosted residential speeds by 36% to 2.74 Mbps. Telecom Argentina and Telefonica del Peru boosted speeds. From the other hand, the rates for FTTx and cable services have not changed much. The Cable companies – actually this is a US phenomenon – have not changed much.

Telefonica in Spain implementing the largest price change cut its entry level ‘ADSL Mini 1 Mbps’ service by 36% to $24.80. In the other hand Belgacom introduced a new entry level service called ‘ADSL budget’, which at $22.47 replaced their previous entry level service, ‘ADSL light’.

Point:Topic: Prices of DSL services go up and down.

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