Data packets on San Francisco Rails.

…this deal is substantially different: it’s much more like unwiring an airport than a city, and thus the expense in unwiring should be quickly outweighed by the uptake by passengers. City-wide Wi-Fi promised 1 to 4 Mbps in most cases; BART (Bay Area Rapid Transportation) has tested out at 10s of Mbps—their technology turns rail segments into wireless LANs with excellent reception. They terminate with fiber all over, so aggregation and backhaul isn’t an issue. And unlike an airport, where travelers might turn to 3G cell data, those solutions don’t work in the underground portions of BART and many other places along the rights of way due to obstructions.

The first route to be unwired will run from Balboa Park in San Francisco to two ends of a Y in Oakland, Lake Merritt and 19th St (see system map). For the 180,000 regular business commuters of the system, of which BART wants to achieve an initial 20-percent uptake among, continuous Wi-Fi service should be a godsend against boredom and overwork. 

Read the article at Yahoo!News: SF’s BART in Talks for Full Wi-Fi Rollout.

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