“American Idol” generates 78 million SMS messages (a few trillions of data packets).


 AT&T is touting its text messaging traffic surge generated by “American Idol” fans who used their cell phones to vote for their pick. This season’s show generated more than 78 million text messages for AT&T, which is the exclusive sponsor of the show.  During the previous season, the show generated 64.5 million text messages. The carrier added new elements to this year’s contest by using text messaging to inform the final three contestants of the Producer’s Choice selection via their Apple iPhones.

Not to be outdone by its competitor, Verizon Wireless decided to promote its text messaging volumes today. The carrier announced that it delivered 58 billion text messages during the first quarter of 2008.

The popular Fox television show American Idol generated 64.5 million SMS messages on Cingular last season, breaking the previous record of 41.5 million messages set by American Idol last season. “Since we first launched much of our ‘Idol’-themed content six weeks ago, Cingular has realized a significant increase in messaging results,” said Cingular VP John Burbank.

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