I don’t believe in Femtocell. Qualcomm disagree.

Femtocell and picocell maker ipaccess received a financial boost from Qualcomm today. The company joined existing investors Cisco, Intel Capital, ADC, Motorola Ventures, Scottish Equity Partners, Rothschild Gestion and Amadeus Capital Partners to fund ip.access’ Oyster 3G femtocell system, which uses the residential broadband connection to deliver a 3G signal in the home. ip.access is rumored to have inked a femtocell deal with AT&T.

Ovum analyst Jeremy Green says that the money Qualcomm is investing in ip.access is not as important as the relationships and influence it yields for the firm. Green adds that while Ovum is still somewhat skeptical about the femtocell business case, Qualcomm’s decision to invest in ip.access gives the femtocell proposition more credibility.  

This is the second big European announcement from Qualcomm this week. On Monday, the firm announced that it was purchasing a 40 MHz chunk of L-band spectrum, prompting speculation that it was planning to use it to deliver mobile TV service.

Press Release: Qualcomm makes strategic investment in ip.access 


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One Comment on “I don’t believe in Femtocell. Qualcomm disagree.”

  1. TG Says:

    Definetely a positive sign and good move from Qualcomm.

    Saki, good luck with the blog!


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